Are you looking for a Spanish high-quality voice over? Do you need direct contact with the voice actor without intermediaries? Perfect! You are in the right place… You just need to ask for a quote for your voice over; spot, corporate video, documentary, radio spot, public address, e-learning, audio guide, audiobook, answering machine… I will send you a personalized quote according to your project. I will also take care of the sound mixing with the music you have chosen. I can also help you to find the music you need.

Your voice over will be just perfect

Customer reviews

“Sergio is professional, efficient and attentive. His voice adapts to various types of project and also has high technical knowledge, witch undoubtebly makes the final product always of the highest quality”

“Simply as I had imagined, very moving.  Thanks a lot.”

“There’s nothing like paying for a professional to get excellent results. Congratulations for your work. It was just what I needed.”

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